Save Us From SOGI 123

Children’s Experiences in Canadian Schools

A Grade 2 Teacher separated the boys and girls in 2 groups. Then asked the Boys if they like to play with girls’ toys like dolls.
She also asked if their parents had stopped them from playing with girl toys?
It’s not known what she asked the girls group as this was reported by one of the 7 years old boy in the boys group. But it is easy to guess. Any girl likes to play with Superman? likes to wear Pants? likes to be a Tomboy?
This is the first step of the blue print where a child’s innocense and trust is taken advantage of, an idea is planted in their mind about their gender identity, leading upto surgery and taking child away from the family.

7 years old, Harry Sayers Elementary School, Abbotsford School District, BC
Nov 2023

I need a lawyer and friends to help me save my daughter Suzanna and her alter ego Spencer… Silenced by SOGI 123.
I have past historical childhood trauma with my family. This trauma includes rape and other abuses. My family used this trauma to indicate I was mentally ill and also to indicate that I am transphobic, to the Ministry of Children and Family Development.
I was punished for stating a opinion on my child’s safety.
I am scared. I live every day wanting to die because I am so broken. I’ve never felt pain like this. It hurts so much.
I have been like a walking ghost void of feeling or thoughts. I hear my child calling me so loud I can’t hear my employer when talked to directly at work. I am that devastated. I just want my little girl home even if she looks like a boy.
Spencer my child … could die if put on anything medical or chemical. Her Conversion Disorder requires only counselling therapy to calm body anxiety. This must be cured with natural development of puberty.
I am so scared my child will die at the hands of SOGI 123 propaganda.

14 years old, Abbotsford School District, BC
Sep 2021

I’m a grandfather of eight grand children. My 11 year old grand daughter said in the class that she knew what her Gender was and that she was a Girl. The teacher disagreed with her and kicked her out of the classroom. Since when is bullying ok? When it suits the Teacher? This sort of garbage in our classrooms has to end. We pay taxes for schools and must have a say in what they teach our children, what is fundamentally correct or incorrect as per our beliefs.

11 years old, Kamloops-Thompson School District, Clearwater BC
Oct 2023

My teacher conducted a Lesbian Wedding during class with 2 Female Students in Grade 7.
She told the class that she would never send her kids to a Christian school if she had kids. When a student asked her why not, as student’s family is christian, she stated: “because they are hateful”, and sent the student out of the class.
This same teacher shows a Grade 6 class, how to put a Condom on a Banana.
There are 3 pride flags in her portable.

12/13 years old, Sunrise Ridge Elementary, Surrey School District, BC
Oct 2023

33 weeks pregnant Aimee went to BC Province funded prenatal class at Kootenay Kids Society called Bellies to Babies, Nelson BC.
Paraphrasing Aimee’s words: At the end of the class the coordinator was advertising a class restart for parents to teach them “how to raise anti-heterosexual and non-cis” babies and children. Coordinator was using a very heterophobic language, including defining the friendship between 5 year old boy and girl as boy friend and girl friend instead of just friends. I gave my views about not sexualizing young children at this age. When I came home I got this email from the program. Seems like they are threatening that in order to continue to use the government program, I will have to follow along with their anti-heterosexual views and agenda.
PS: Aimee herself is a victim of sex abuse in the past so she knows the footprints of grooming very well by personal experience.

0 years old, Bellies to Babies Pregnancy and Family Resource Program, Nelson BC
Oct 2023

A daughter at age 9 declared to her mom that she is Pansexual. She wanted clothing, shoes, jewelry and all kinds of other accessories, IN RAINBOW. She also seemed to have grown this gigantic EGO. She acted and talked like she was better than everyone. She no longer wanted to go on family outings or even eat dinner with us. She said she wanted to KILL HERSELF and started crying. Not until her school was changed, that she became a normal child, and is a fine girl now at 12.

9 years old, Chilliwack School District, BC
Fall 2020

A grade 9 boy had a picture of a giant cock in his backpack, when discovered by his mom, he said, “oh don’t worry mom, our teacher asked us to draw it, we had sex Ed today”

15 years old, Semiahmoo Secondary School, Surrey School District, BC
Oct 2023

My teacher told us that two boys can marry, but I don’t think so

6 years old, Surrey School District, BC
2023 June

My teacher showed me a drag queen movie, I didn’t like it a bit

8 years old, Vancouver School District, BC
2022 October